How to Activate Christmas Music Channel on Roku

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas music playing in the background. If you own a Roku device, you have easy access to festive tunes to set the mood. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to find and activate the Christmas Music Channel on Roku.

What is the Christmas Music Channel?

The Christmas Music Channel on Roku offers unlimited holiday music streaming. You’ll hear all of your favorite Christmas songs and classics, from timeless instrumentals like “Silent Night” to cheery tunes like “Jingle Bell Rock.”

It’s completely free to add and doesn’t require a subscription. You can just turn it on and let the festive melodies play for ambience.

Activate Christmas Music Channel on Roku

Adding extra channels on Roku is easy – the platform makes it simple to personalize your viewing experience.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, select the Streaming Channels option
  2. Choose Search Channels to access the Roku Channel Store
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard to type in “Christmas Music Channel
  4. Select the channel from the search results
  5. Choose Add Channel to install it
  6. Accept adding the channel by selecting OK
  7. Return to the Home screen and navigate to My Channels to find the Christmas Music Channel
  8. Start the channel and enjoy the holiday music!

And just like that, your Roku device now has a dedicated Christmas music player.

“I just added the Christmas Music Channel to my Roku in less than 5 minutes. Now festive tunes are playing as I decorate the tree!”

Other Ways to Listen to Holiday Tunes

The Christmas Music Channel isn’t the only way to stream holiday music on a Roku device. Here are a couple other options to consider:

  • Pandora – This streaming music service allows you to create customized holiday stations. Browse the Holidays mood under Moods and Activities to find options like Christmas traditional, country Christmas, holiday piano, and more.
  • iHeartRadio – From iHeartRadio, choose from stations like iHeartChristmas, iHeartChristmas Classics, iHeartChristmas Country and other channels focused specifically on festive tunes.

So cozy up with some hot cocoa and let your Roku device provide the soundtrack for the season. Listening is as easy as adding the Christmas Music Channel or Pandora/iHeartRadio and selecting your station of choice.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!