Accessing Your Costco Employee Account at

Working at Costco comes with some great perks! As an employee, you get exclusive access to the Costco Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal. This online platform lets you conveniently manage work-related details from anywhere.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting into your Costco employee account.

What Can You Do in the Costco ESS Portal?

The Costco employee portal has tons of useful features. Here’s a quick overview:

  • View your work schedule
  • Access pay statements and tax forms
  • Enroll in Costco health insurance and retirement savings plans
  • Request time off
  • Stay updated on company news and job openings
  • Manage direct deposit, federal tax withholdings
  • And more!

Having all these self-service options makes work life so much easier. 🙌

How to Log In to Your Costco Employee Account at

To access the ESS portal, visit and click “Current Employee Sign In.”

You’ll need to enter your:

  • Username: Your Costco employee ID
  • Password: Your account password

Don’t have these handy? Check out the troubleshooting options below the sign-in fields. You can retrieve forgotten details there.

Once logged in, you’ll reach the ESS portal dashboard. From here, simply navigate to what you need!

Trouble Signing In?

If you have issues getting into your account, try resetting your password:

  1. Click “Trouble Signing In?” below the portal’s sign-in form
  2. Select “Retrieve your username/reset your password”
  3. Enter your employee ID when prompted
  4. Follow remaining steps to reset your password

Resetting your password will generate a temporary one. Be sure to change this once signed back in!

Former Employee Access

Even as alumni, you still have ESS portal access. This lets you grab any old pay stubs or tax forms whenever needed.

As a former employee, select the “Costco Alumni Sign In” option on to get into your account.

For login issues, use the same password reset steps outlined for current employees.

So in summary:

  • Current employees: Sign in through “Current Employee”
  • Former employees: Sign in through “Costco Alumni”

Get Support from Costco ESS

Still struggling to access your employee account? Reach out to the Costco support team at:

Contact Phone Number
Costco Customer Service 800-220-6000
Costco Service Desk 866-455-1914
Payroll for Alumni 425-313-2881

Or check out their full contact page with phone, email, and location info! Someone should be able to further assist you.

In no time, you’ll be logged into your Costco ESS account and cruising through all your employee-exclusive options. Enjoy those perks!