How to Watch ACC Network on Roku via Screen Mirroring

Hey there sports fans! Are you frustrated trying to watch the ACC Network on your Roku device? We’ve all been there before. As avid sports viewers, we understand the struggle of wanting to tune into a big game or must-see sports commentary, only to find it blocked on our streaming platform.

Well don’t sweat it – we’ve come up with an easy fix to get the ACC Network streaming on Roku in no time.

Why Isn’t The ACC Network Available on Roku?

We know this can be confusing given the Roku Channel Store has so many other sports channels readily available.

  • The ACC Network is a subscription-based channel operated by ESPN Inc. Since 2019, its focused coverage on ACC collegiate sports has drawn loyal audiences. However, Roku and ACC Network simply haven’t established a streaming deal making it accessible as an installable channel yet.
  • The good news? We can bypass this issue completely using a simple screen mirroring method. Now you’ll never have to miss a minute of hard-fought ACC football or basketball action!

What You’ll Need Before Getting Started

  • Roku streaming device connected to your TV via HDMI port
  • Roku device updated with latest software
  • computer or mobile device like smartphone or tablet
  • Stable WiFi internet connection
  • Enable screen mirroring mode under Roku settings:
    • Settings > Screen Mirror > Select “Always Allow”

Step-By-Step Guide to Mirror ACC Network onto Your Roku

Using wireless screen mirroring, we can cast the ACC Network from a computer or mobile device directly onto your TV via the Roku. It’s super easy once everything is connected to the same Wi Fi network!

Here’s how to get ACC Network on Roku using screen mirroring:

For Android Devices:

  1. Download and install the ACC Network app on your Android phone or tablet (Google Play Store Link)
  2. Open the ACC Network app and log into your ESPN account
  3. Go to Settings > Device Connection > Enable Cast
  4. Select your Roku device to initiate screen mirroring
  5. The ACC Network app will now display on your TV through Roku!

For iOS (iPhone/iPad) Devices:

  1. Download Mirror for Roku app from the iOS App Store onto your iPhone or iPad
  2. Connect the Mirror for Roku app to your Roku device
  3. Install the “Mirror for Roku – Screen Mirroring” app onto Roku (may be prompted)
  4. Open the screen mirroring app on Roku
  5. From your iPhone/iPad, tap “Start Broadcast” within Mirror app
  6. Launch the ACC Network app on iOS device > Log into ESPN account


  1. The ACC Network programming will now display on your TV via Roku screen mirroring

Done! You should now have full access to live ACC Network streaming on Roku. Never miss those edge-of-your seat ACC matchups again.

Let us know if you run into any hiccups setting this up. We’re always happy to help troubleshoot!

Just remember this ACC Network screen mirroring workaround whenever the big Clemson vs FSU football game rolls around. Your fellow fans will be amazed you found a way to watch it on the Roku!