A Simple Guide to Activating Kayo and Binge Through Streamotion

Watching sports and entertainment has never been easier thanks to streaming services like Kayo and Binge. Getting set up is quick when you use the Streamotion activation platform. This article will walk you through how to:

  • Activate Kayo and Binge on various devices
  • Troubleshoot any activation issues
  • Learn what channels and pricing options are available

We’ll cover all this in a simple, conversational way – no technical jargon needed!

Activating Kayo and Binge at auth.streamotion.com.au/activate

The Streamotion site lets you activate and sign into Kayo and Binge across your gadgets using a simple code system.

To activate:

  1. On your phone, tablet or computer, sign into your Kayo or Binge account or install the app if you haven’t already.
  2. Visit auth.streamotion.com.au/activate and select the “Activate device” option.
  3. Open the Kayo or Binge app on your TV/streaming device and choose to sign-in or link account.
  4. Your TV will display an 8-digit pairing code.
  5. Enter that code on the activate page on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Once entered correctly, your devices will pair and you can start watching! It’s super quick.

Handy tip: If entering the code manually doesn’t work for any reason, you can scan the QR code instead.

Activation By Device

The above steps work for activating across all kinds of devices, but let’s get specific…

Smart TV Activation

Kayo and Binge pair seamlessly with newer model LG, Samsung, Sony and other smart TVs. Just search for the app in your TV’s store, install it, sign in and enter that code!

Apple TV

Find the Kayo or Binge app in the App Store, download, sign in, then visit Streamotion on your phone to pair it by code.

Chromecast/Telstra TV

Same installation process as smart TVs. Cast Kayo or Binge from your mobile or use the Telstra TV Kayo app.

Once signed in, activate with a code from Streamotion.

Games Consoles

Good news Xbox and PlayStation owners – download and activate the Kayo and Binge apps by following the steps earlier. Streaming sports while gaming is a breeze.

As you can see, the Streamotion activation flow works reliably no matter your devices.

Troubleshooting Activation Problems

Sometimes the activation code process doesn’t quite go to plan though. If you encounter errors or can’t get a code for any reason, try:

  • Double checking the code was entered correctly on both devices
  • Restarting the apps and trying again from scratch
  • Using the QR code option instead on the Streamotion site
  • Ensuring your devices have internet connectivity

In most cases, starting again clears up any pairing issues. Reach out to Kayo or Binge support if problems persist.

Kayo and Binge Features and Pricing

Once activation is complete through Streamotion, you gain access to great entertainment and sport.


Kayo is focused purely on sports, with channels like:

  • ESPN
  • beIN Sports
  • Sky Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • And more

Pricing is competitive, with:

  • Basic – $25 monthly
  • Premium – $35 monthly

Both packages allow simultaneous streams across devices.


Binge provides the best TV shows and movies, with content from HBO, FX, Warner Bros. Discovery and more. Pricing starts from $10 per month.

So Kayo for sport, Binge for TV and movies! And streamotion.com.au to connect them easily.

I hope this guide was helpful for understanding how to activate and troubleshoot Kayo and Binge on your devices! Let me know if you have any other questions.