Easy Guide to Logging Into 4MyHR Marriott Extranet at www.4myhr.com

Welcome new Marriott employees! As you settle into your new job, you likely have questions about accessing important employment tools and information. Let me introduce you to 4MyHR – Marriott’s handy employee portal packed full of the details you need.

Logging in is simple if you follow these steps:

What is 4MyHR?

  • 4MyHR is an online portal designed specifically for Marriott employees to access work resources
  • Features payroll info, performance metrics, scheduling tools, and more
  • Available anytime at www.4myhr.com or https://extranet.marriott.com/

First things first – what will you use this portal for? Here’s a quick rundown of helpful highlights:

  • View monthly performance metrics
  • Check who received internal recognition
  • Manage your schedule and shift swaps
  • Request time off
  • Access payroll details
  • And more!

Handy right? Let me walk you how to get logged in.

What You Need to Log In:

  • Device: computer, phone or tablet with internet access
  • Web Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • Credentials: Marriott Enterprise ID and password

Easy Step-by-Step Guide via www.4myhr.com

  1. Navigate to www.4myhr.com or https://extranet.marriott.com/
  2. Enter your Enterprise ID (EID) and password
  3. Click Sign In
  4. Access portal resources!

Reset Your EID or Password:

Forgot your login details? No problem! Follow these simple steps:

Reset Enterprise ID

  • Visit www.4myhr.com and click “Forgot your EID?”
  • Choose the “Enterprise ID/Password Help” option
  • Follow prompts to reset your ID

Reset Password

Still Having Issues?

If you still can’t access 4MyHR after following these tips, here are some troubleshooting ideas:

  • Double check internet connection
  • Try a different browser
  • Verify your credentials
  • Contact Marriott support

The 4MyHR portal should make managing work details easier once you’re logged in. Welcome to the team – let me know if any other questions come up!