Tribal Dailect Language Section

 Tribal Dialect Language Section

Introduction : -

            Great efforts are taken by this section to create the appropriate atmosphere to bring about educational developments and progress among the children in the tribal areas. For this reson a more easier, quicker and effective way is adopted by way of imparting education  throught their own colloquial dialect, specially to the pupile of std I and II and the pupils from std. III and IV can be taught throught marathi language. Hence the tribal dialect language project was established from the year 1975.

Objectives : -

1)      To take all efforts to reduce the dropout-level in the puipls from the tribal belts.

2)      To helps the adivasi pupils make a change over gradually from their mother tongue to marathi language.

3)      To help the adivasi pupils increase their achievement level.

4)      To plan the training programme for teachers who will be working in tribal areas and dont know the tribal dialect.