Teacher Training Branch (34 - t)

Teacher traning branch (34 – t )


  D.Ed colleges in the state were controlled by the directorate of education. It was then transferred to the MSCERT, pune in 2000. This branch is divided into seven sections for the convenience of work.


1)      To work forD.Ed. admissions.

2)      To look after duties of non - granted D.Ed. colleges.

3)      To look after theduties of granted D.Ed. colleges.

4)      Towork for fees proposal of non – granted D.Ed. colleges.

5)      To look after inservice traning.

6)      Towork for DIETs.

7)      To keep correspondence with NCTE, bhopal.

8)      To keep correspondence with state goverment.

Various types of duties about the D.Ed. colleges are performed by this branch. The most important duty is to give admission to candidates who have passed XII th government/granted/non granted D.Ed. colleges. Addmission system is as further – 70% admissions are done centrally from regional level and remaining 30% of total quota from state level. There are 1067/  D.Ed. colleges in the state upto 30 sept, 2014 and their intake capacity is of 89525. Mutual transfer of students who got admission for first year and one sided transfer of the students studying in second year are looking after by this branch. The management quota filled up by the private granted and their staff profiles   and non-grantde D.Ed. colleges is approved by regional Dy. Director.

Apart from the above duties,some more  duties like keeping correspondence with N.C.T.E first inspection of D.Ed. colleges, right to information are preformed.

1) DIETs -

Improvement in teacher training scheme started in 1987, after the central governments accpted the NPE 1986 DIETs are established as a part of this policy.

The institutes of DIETs in maharashtra are established in two phases. In the first phase 14 DIETs, by enrichment of TIs existence by G.R of 15 th june 1995, while in second phase 15 DIETs have beenestablished, according to G.R dated 8th october 1996. Out of these 11 are established, by enrichment of existing governments D.Ed colleges and in remaining 4 districts namely sangli, solapur, sindhudurg and gadchiroli, the new DIETs areestablished as there were no governments teacher education institutes. Thane dist is devided in palghar in 2014.

Four DIETs were sanctioned after creation of 4 new districts. Three of these were established by strengthening at Nandurbar, Hingoli and Gondia. Mumbai haven’t started their functioning yet.

  • The activities are being implemented in the DIETs.

1)      Actual teaching to at least one division each of first and second year pre-service training ( D.Ed ). There are more divisions in some DIETs

2)      Teaching at least to one inservice batch.

3)      Teaching at least to one batch of correspondence courses during vacation period.

4)      20 to 22short term training programmes for experts in BRC,CRC as well as the headmasters, CPS CO- ordinaters and extension officers are held. The trained persons are expected to train  the treachers at block - evel.

5)      To participate in D.Ed admission process from june to december.DIETs have to sell the D.Ed admissions forms and also to accept and provide human resource at the time of regional and state - level admission process.

6)      To cheak the D.Ed colleges approved newly by NCTE. To inspect D.Ed colleges annually.

7)      To conduct sports and cultural competitions at district and regional level.

8)      To conduct the training programme given under SSA.

9)      To pay surprise visit to the HSC and SSC examination centres.

10)    At least one action research should be completed every year by senior/junior lecturers.

11)    To execute at least 5 activities per year for quality improvement  of education .

12)    To execute one major project based on research.

13)    To evaluate the primary school under SSA.

14)    To dischange duties related to D.Ed. examination, to sing the application forms, to visit the custody and custodian, exam centres and examine the answer papers.

15)    To control the functioning of D.Ed. college to pay visit and cheak the quality and guide them.